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new maxxis tires

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These won't be available until April, but thought you might want to see this

03190098 New TIRE BGHN RADIAL 26X11R14 MAXXIS CHENG SHIN $143.95
03190099 New TIRE RAZR 4SPD 25X8R12 MAXXIS CHENG SHIN $112.95
03190100 New TIRE RAZR 4SPD 25X10R12 MAXXIS CHENG SHIN $121.95
03190101 New TIRE RAZR 4SPD 26X9R12 MAXXIS CHENG SHIN $118.95
03190102 New TIRE RAZR 4SPD 26X11R12 MAXXIS CHENG SHIN $130.95
03200207 New TIRE MUDZILLA 30X9-14 6PR MAXXIS CHENG SHIN $161.95
03200208 New TIRE MUDZILA 30X11-14 6PR MAXXIS CHENG SHIN $168.95
03200209 New TIRE MUD BUG R 26X9R12 MAXXIS CHENG SHIN $118.95
03200210 New TIRE MUD BUG R 26X11R12 MAXXIS CHENG SHIN $130.95
03200211 New TIRE MUD BUG R 25X8R12 MAXXIS CHENG SHIN $112.95
03200212 New TIRE MUD BUG R 25X10R12 MAXXIS CHENG SHIN $121.95
03200213 New TIRE MUD BUG R 26X9R14 MAXXIS CHENG SHIN $124.95
03200214 New TIRE MUD BUG R 26X11R14 MAXXIS CHENG SHIN $138.95
03210150 New TIRE I-RAZR MX 18X10R9 MAXXIS CHENG SHIN $93.95
03210151 New TIRE I-RAZR MX 20X6R10 MAXXIS CHENG SHIN $81.95

30" mudzilla with 14" wheels, someone on here has to get them!!
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What do the MudBug radials look like?
where did you find that info? is there a link?

best i could do for a pic, look at the bottom, right hand corner lol

i got the info off another site and the person said that he got it off a parts unlimited dealer website i tried to look for some pics but i couldnt find any.
personally i wanna see the razr's for the utility bikes
there goina be a big seller for the Rhino, Rzr, crowd IMO..
they are selling them in big foot kits at trax motorsports
I talked to Trax and they don't even have them in yet.
oh, the site lists them in there "big foot kits"
Yeah I know it. They also list the MST's as Radials. I called them on that too.
heres a shot of the new Mud Bug
atleast they have a different look and not like other tires. someone will have to get them and try them out.
if u buy them for me i will try them out lol
Well I had my mind set on the Vamps but Looking at those new Bugs I will try them.
Is there a site where I can get another look at them.
They do look good don't they.
They are from the Big Dealer show not that long ago. I just took them off highlifter's site..

The new maxxis razr 4 speed tires




and the new ITP 589 on a 14"Rim

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I might have to get me a set of those 4speed's
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