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Has anyone seen the new light switch I have read about. The one that shuts off the center light so you dont get blinded when you have a load on the front. I would love to get one if anyone knows where they can be had.
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sounds like it wouldnt be to hard to make one?
Honda Makes a kit for this. TThe dealer should be able to get one. I think its around $35. or youcan just run a switch to the ground leg running to that light and mount it to the pod.
I know I could make one, but I really like a clean factory look when possible. So If honda is making one I will pay the extra to get a nicer look like it belongs....or maybe it will look like crap, who knows
There was a pic of the kit in the Red Rider mag a few months ago, but I don't have it anymore to really describe it.
I bought a nice little $5 switch at vatozone and mounted it in the pod. Looks pretty clean except the drill bit moved and I scratched pod a little. I have a radio and speaker box mounted on the front rack most of the time so I like to be able to turn the light off.

You can kind of see it here
can someone please post the steps to where you can do the switch yourself. i have no idea how to do that but would love to have it.
Here's how i am doing mine. First figure out where you are going to locate the switch, i'm putting mine on the side of the pod if there's room, if not, then i'll put it somewhere next to my hot grips switch where the key switch is located. Pull the headlight out and disconnect the connector, trace the ground wire and disconnect it from the ground. Add on a new ground wire long enough to reach the switch and connect it. Take the original ground wire and connect it to the other side of the switch if it's long enough, if not, splice or solder a piece of wire then connect it to the switch. If you have to splice or solder more wire, make sure you seal it with a good water proof sealant and wrap it with tape. Plug the headlight connector back onto the light and turn it on to make sure it works. If it does, button everything up and your done.
If you have to splice, I would use connectors myself and shrink wrap (tube) them. It can be bought at any auto or home store electrcal area. Solder can be a problem if you get any movment in the wire.
Yeah, i definitly perfer splicing over soldering in most applications and using the heat shrink to seal it all up, that's how i did my hot grips switch. I do prefer to solder the wire to the switch instead of using a slide on connector, it tends to make a better connection and stays on with no problem.
Wnet to Honda dealer today to ask about the factory switch kit. OMG, how do these guys stay in buisness. The guy said " what, I thought it came with a switch to turn off that light" They have no clue. So I guess I need to call Honda main office. Any other ideas? or part number by chance?
I saw one a guy did himself. He went to Radio Shack and got a rocker switch, cut a hole on the side of the headlight housing, and put it there. Splice between either one of the wires to the light and it will work. The install looked factory also, I am going to do this myself.
Make sure to use a weatherproof switch or you will have problems.
Go to a marine parts shop and see if they carry any toggle switches, i'm sure those would be waterproof.
You may spend up to $20 for a waterproof switch, just like I had to do for my fan. Things are a rip off but you gotta do what you gotta do.
Hi guys, I have found this:

<a href="" target="_blank"> ... r_Head.htm</a>

It is a Honda Genuine Switch, but expensive!

Hope it helps!

That looks like a nice setup, you don't have to cut any wires or do any splicing, i like that option. I wonder if it will fit an 04 Foreman, if it does, i'll be buying one for my machine.
I wouldn't give any money to that dealer unless I had to. Thats my local dealer (10 min. away), I drove 60+ miles away from them because I wouldn't give them my money to buy my bike. I would get the P/N and call Service Honda, you'll probably get it quite a bit cheaper.
they give me one when i bought my bike but i told them i would put it on if i decided i needed it
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