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new kenda executioners

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check out the rim protection
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You're gonna love the Executioners,I have had excellent results with mine.I have to ask you something though and don't take this offensively:I think you have the rear tires on backwards,looking at the left rear tire it looks backwards to me.Look for a ROTATION arrow on the side of the tire.
yea i had them too, i also loved them! he is right, they are on backwards.

I have mine on backwards as well. Love it!
They don't dig as much in the sand and snow and mud, float a bit better.
It is like having an AT tire that never clogs!!

I keep mine backwards all year!
yes in the pic they are backwards......already fixed

had them out lastnight and they really dig
........I noticed the same thing.

They look good!!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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