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new in S.E. Tx

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hey i am new to the site. wordering if any body new of places to ride in south east texas
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Yeah Coop check out Mud Creek Off-Road Park Jacksonville Tx, that's south east aint it?

That's where the High Lifter Mud National's are going to be next month.

Welcome to the site!!!
Welcome Coop

This might help ya find some

Texas ATV Association *State Association*
P.O. Box 6
Silsbee, TX 77656
Contact: Kenne Smith
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (409) 386-1816
Info: Lifetime memberships are only $6.00. Our goal is create more areas for ATV riders to ride. We want to unite all Texas ATVers into a group that not only responsibility rides the Texas countryside but also helps to protect it and the resources it holds. There are many areas to ride in Texas that will never be accessible, however through a united effort we can open up access by working with landowners and even leasing riding areas. Part of our job is to help inform riders and owners of ATVs what's happening in different parts of the state. We need your help.
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As far as riding goes try Crosby, Texas..........$5 to ride and its pretty **** fun.
rebel hunting club in vidor, tx is $200 for 365 days from when you sign up family included and all guest bikes free. not really a hunting club just riding, in some deep mud holes. over 1400 acres.

they have some pics on myspace

<a href="" target="_blank"> ... =146517832</a>
all i can say is welcome.. and hope u have fun.. in the big texen.. check out.. its free to become a member and it shows all the places in ever state...
Welcome to
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