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New Honda Foreman 500 power(compared to old 450ES)

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I have an 2004 Foreman 450ES with all power mods,snorkeled,jetting Ids exaust,KN filter etc... I noticed a big power loss with 28 mudzillas(still turns them).Im thinking about either a big bore kit with head work or just buy a new foreman and start over.I love my 450,but the mods i need come stock on the new foreman(CCs,Disc Brakes)Can someone please let me know all advantages of the new foreman 500s.I 80% ride in swamps and thick mud(nothing against other hondas,foreman only)Thanks guys for the help,always looking for new riders in Davie,Ft.Laud area... I HAVE A SET OF 28x10x12 and 28x12x12 MUDBUGS 4 SALE(USED 1 TIME ONLY FOR 2 HOURS) 200.00 ONLYCOME GET THEM AT I-75AND US 27 AREA(BROWARD COUNTY)
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i would buy the mud bugs if my dads rancher could turn them.
the power diff, is the biggest thing that i liked and being able to stop on a dime w/ the dics up front.
I don't know what the power is like on the 450 but with my 500, with my big butt on it I can form a dead stop pull the front end up in 2nd gear. 1st is way too low to do so. It stops really well too.
Please give me some more info on foreman 500es guys,I want to buy one but i would like to know if anyone has wridden both in stock form and a % in power difference. I dont want to buy one and it to be the same as my 450 with the work done to it.I know it must REALLY be nice to stop fast and in a staight line..Please write back if you can help(my 450es may be posted 4 sale soon)!!!!
I ride both all the time. Today I rode both my 500 and my friends 2004 450. The power is not that much better on the 500. I mean if you are looking for a ton more power you will not find it on the 500. It has more but it really not that much, but the brakes will surprise you.
Thanks 4 the notice,the write up on the new foreman 500 states there is alot more due to a redesigned cylinder head ,bigger valves somewhere around 50 more cc.So if i were to put a big bore/stroker kit it sounds like mine with mods would be stronger,I careless about speed,I want strong torque increases in low 1 and 2nd gears..What about comparing the new Rubicon 499cc against the 450.My good friend has the 1st year Rubu(2000) in stock with 27 Bi/Tri combo and I go any were he can,if really gumbo thick stuff i can go farther than him.Due to the lower gear and the the ability to hold out longer in rpms.NOT DOWNING RUBICONS AT ALL,I MIGHT BUY ONE IF THEY IMPROVED POWER AND TRANS BOGG IN THICK SITUATIONS(HIS BIKE HAS NOT EVER BROKE ONCE,RELIABLE IS A UNDER STATEMENT) please let me know more details guy!!!!
The Rubicon was only a cosmetic change in '05.
dude you posted on a topic that was 3 years old. That guy already has the forman now.
lol how does that happen
LMAOOO , just go back and post it will appear up front in the forum..."active topics"
QUOTE ("IDigem":nnx4qrjr)
LMAOOO , just go back and post it will appear up front in the forum..."active topics"
oh alright.. lol
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