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New here!

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Well thought I would come around and join this fine forum yall got going on here. I am a very old member of but tired of the children and their childish post. I personally own 3 foremans. A 1997 foreman 400, a built 1998 foreman 400 mud bike, and a stock 2002 Foreman 450ES, Also build mud trucks in my spare time. I'll try help as many people as i can with questions they have esspecially with foreman 400's.

Here are some pictures of my baby's.
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Welcome CTownForeMan

Welcome to!!!
Nice looking ford!
nice foreman and ford. welcome to the site..
howdy there and welcome. Is that a paddle wheel on your mud machine? too cool!

Does the paddle get beat up on normal trails?
Welcome! You won't be disappointed childish arguing or rude people! Glad to have ya!
Welcome to the site nise truck.

chuck those are Vampire EDLs
Welcome, I'm with ya on some of the HL site, I don't like how they edit your posts to sute their ways.
Yes chuck you are right them are hub paddles on the back. Take a closer look and i relocated the shocks to let the paddles go further inward to grab more. They don't get beat up because they are built out of 1/4 steel plate with 6 inch thick wall drill pipe with 1/4 plate capping them off to bolt onto the hub.

No, the paddles are not rough on trails BUT dry ruts are killer. Gotta be carefull cause it'll eat ring gears for lunch. Needs a gear reduction cause the paddles are just too much for the motor even with 450 top end and h/c piston. I'm working on getting a gear reduction done though.

Thanks for the comments on the truck. It should be done soon I HOPE!!!!

big_daddy, I used to be a chat moderator at highlifter and knew the owner pretty well. Yes they edit things for what that want and some of the new moderators are a joke. If you talk bad to one member or say something they don't think is right or even make a joke the wrong way you get edited. There are only acouple people i deal with at highlifter and i don't attent the god almighty mud nationals from the rudeness of the crowd and how the staff acts during the weekend. Mud nationals has got to be the biggest joke of all time.

Thanks all for the welcomes.
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1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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