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New here.

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I'm a new user, obviously. I just found the forum looking up stuff for my new Foreman, which I may have by this Saturday. I'm from Mississippi, southern MS. I play lead guitarist in a band me and some friends are starting, hence my username.

I recently sold my 400EX, because I'm getting into the mud thing as of late. I'm surprised there are as many people as there are into it at my age ( just under 16).

Thanks to my brothers Recon, I've discovered mudriding is way more fun than racing the 400.

Look forward to posting, and I'll get up some pics of my bike when I get it.
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Welcome to the site and congrats on the new bike.
Welcome to the site!!! And we agree that mud riding is WAY more fun! You'll be HOOKED!!!!
Welcome to the site.
Welcome FendrBendr
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