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New here from Tennessee

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Hello yall. I am new here. I am 24 and ride a Honda Rubicon. I live in Middle Tennessee, and was looking at a picture that directed me to this site and I decided to sign up!!
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welcome, glad you joined
Thanks yall. I post often on the Winrock site and ATVPosters. I fairly new to the whole ridding thing. Always loved it but just purchased my first ride last year. My husband has a Rancher and we try to ride when we can. I ve been to Windrock and loved it. Summertown was cool too but Windrock is the best by far.
Welcome to the Foreman Forum Rubicon_Girl
Welcome, glad you joined!
Thanks yall
Welcome to the site!!

We have a group of about 8 coming up to Windrock next week, we would love for yall to join us. Give me a shout on the PM and I will give you my mobile number.

ooo I wish I could but I can't right now, work won't allow for me to. But HOPEFULLY I am comming to the October ride. My hubby truck if fixin to go under a major overhaul and pending on if we can get off and money. You know the typical crap.
Welcome .

I'm in Manchester , maybe we can get a ride up sometime. We ride the mountains mostly .

Give me a pm or email !
Where exaclty do yall ride?
Mostly we ride in the Hillsboro / Pelham area . We ride Gilmer's alot . If you know anyboby with a rock buggy , they will know about Gilmer's . We also go down to Wooly's offroad park ( outside of Columbia ) sometimes . If you like rocks and mud , the mountain is a great place to go . Up at the falls , there is plenty of mudholes !
We ride in Tracy called the Gulf. Don't know if ya heard of it or not.
Been in Savage Gulf in trucks , alot of fun . Where we ride is similar . Maybe we can get a ride together sometime .
So tell me did you graduate form Coffee?? And if so what year??
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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