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QUOTE ("Cav_Man_69":2onvmael)
Hey gang,

Just another new guy sniffing around the ATV world for the first time.

If a proposed property deal goes through the county approval meatgrinder, I'll need a quad to harvest wood, haul rocks, reposition fallen trees for cutting, and pull a 44" cutter. Terrain varies from gently sloping to steep, wooded ridge line.

Currently, I'm gathering data on what I need, and a couple of good folks over at Windrock have recommended the Foreman. I have a bunch of questions (ES vs manual, need for locking diff, essential mods, etc.), but I'll try to keep the questions down while I research the boards.

I'm ex-military (1st Cav, Viet Nam), a UT/SEC fan (who only pulled for the Gators after UT was eliminated, but didn't they whup some UCLA ass, though?), firm believer in the 2nd Amendment, registered Minuteman, and proud Buell rider. Now that I've alienated at least half the people on the board, I'll shut up, lurk for a while, and try to learn a little something about quads.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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