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new guy with a question

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Im picking up my new in the crate 07 500cc foreman friday,havent ridden an atv since 1982,mainly ride harleys,my question is is there any special break in period does and donts you guys or gals suggest
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break it in. like your goin to ride it..
first day i had mine i was under water.. up to the handle bars..
the dealer should give you some break in paper work just go off of that.
You will want to go out on a good ride the first few times to get it good and warmed up, don't ride at a constant speed or Rpm, vary it constantly for the first while, and don't be afraid to lug it and make it work. What you don't want to do is just putt around taking it real easy and never getting the bike warmed up. I wouldn't rev it to the max the first few hours either but as you get a few more hours on the bike be a little more aggressive with it. Did this with my bikes and have never had any break in issues.
Do what he said above! By the way, this is a Honda, so the motor is pretty much bullet proof anyway!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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