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new guy here

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new guy here not new to atving tho, my name is chris, i have owned hondas all my life , love to ride , and fix anything on an atv , i built mud trucks, bad a$$ race four wheelers and i love to mud and im glad to join ya
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heres my bike
welcome to the HF family
what does every body think of my good ol 300 fourtrax
Welcome. Nice bike my buddy has the same bike as yours but in 4x4. Nice and light but only if it had more power.I like the feel of it, it feels nice and sporty when riding.
i wish mine was 4x4 it a good running bike , runs real strong and usally goes any where i want it to it not the most powerful but it get where i wanna go
Welcome to the site!
thanks guys
Welcome rollincoals
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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