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New guy, from Texas

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Hey everyone just joind, heard about yall through my friend SASQUATCH, hopefully I can help out with my knowledge, and maybe I might need some help sometimes. Also hopefully I can make some new riding friends!!!
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Glad another Texan has joined. We are gonna take this place over yet. Do
you ever ride out in Crosby at a place called Soggy Bottom or better known
as Mel's? We are out there quite a bit.
Welcome aboard from Magnolia TX.
You need to take a ride with Railroader and his bunch. It's a hoot.
Hey Railroader, me, SASQUATCH and some other friends were out at crosby on sunday. I am not sure what the place is called were we park at but it is closest to the 2 huge bridges that run across the river!
How much did you pay to park? If if was $10 then you parked a Fat Man's.
If it was $5 then you parked at Mel's. I will be there Saturday all by my lonesome.
Send me a PM if you are goin' Saturday. I'd love to ride with someone. Jennifer
(my wife) is goin' out of town & takin' the kids, so i will be all alone .
I heard from my buddy that it is pretty muddy out there. I may need someone
to pull me out if i get stuck Holler back at me.
Welcome to the site.
CHARLIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Greetings from the Gulf of mexico. Hope your ready to go ride out at mels when i get back. Ill be fixin the front end and gettin my 28" outlaws mounted. Hopefully youll get your lift by then and you can try out my old swamplights and see how you like them. Ill call you some time this week. lata
I just got back from Mel's. I haven't been in almost a month. It was all tore
up everywhere. The trails used to go around the bad stuff were even bad.
Had a great time none the less. Mud everywhere.
Ya every time I have been to mel's place it has been really muddy!!!
I'm a new guy to the forum too, and I live in Katy. There are about 4-5 of my buddys that ride at Mel's all the time. I've never personally been out there, but I know that I will many time now that i have my new toy. Hope to met up sometime.
I know we are goin' this weekend, so come on .
O yea another foreman owner, we need to have a group ride and get some pics.

Well welcome every newby. I live in vidor and we ride alot in call and we have a couple of places that we ride out here. All of yall need to come ride with us ( Offroad Addiction).
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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