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New guy from Minnesota

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Hi. My name is Randy and I live in the northern suburbs of Minneapolis. I bought my first four wheeler this week. I bought a 450S Honda Foreman with 1,600 miles on it. I have wanted a four wheeler for ages. The commander and chief (wife) finally caved in and said ok. My father has a 1988 300 fourtrax that he bought new with a bazillion miles on it and it runs just like new. He swears by Honda. He literally has thousands of hours on his machine. My next youngest brother lives in Glens Falls, NY and has a 2000 350 Rancher. I have to get a trailer now to haul her around. Any maintenance, equipment, or riding tips would be appreaciated. Randy
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Welcome RandyJ3187

Maintenance, Just follow the owners manual
and you'll be just fine

Equipment, Will depend on your type of use
check through the site and you'll see just
about every set up

Riding Tips, Don't over estimate the machine
the more seat time the better

Also consider taking a ATV Safety Class
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

I took it about 10yrs ago and still remember it
very well, After spending most of my youth on
sleds & bikes it was worth the time.
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