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New guy from Bobcaygeon, Ont

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Hi , Im Cosmo , sunny Bobcaygeon, Ont.. Well my beast is a 02 450 manual shift, great work bike, even better on the trails, suspension is not worth a ****, feels like i have 2x4s for shocks, allways owned honda, from 125s 250s, just easer to stay on 4 wheels instead of 2, (becides wife does not want 2 wheelers any more,, "happy wife .happy life"), Hers is a 02 Suzuki eiger, nice bike, and she can ride good !, I do alot of my riding in the 5 points, (close to home), and Mattawa, nothing special about the bikes, i have a set of mudbugs and thats it, and a good tow strap to bring home the broken down poo poos.Hope to meet some of you on the trails, Cosmo.... ....
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Welcome to the site Cosmo!!!!
I have an 04 Foreman ES, AND a "Poo Poo"!! Actually we have an 03 Rancher, two 03 Polaris 700's and the Foreman! LOVE the comfort of the Polaris....axles are annoying....always worrying about busting one, BUT gave up the Foreman for the comfort of the PoPo, also like that it's an automatic. Good thing is that my husband knows those Polaris' inside and out and can fix em' when they break (handy husband, happy wife ). But the Honda is now a spare bike, but we love it too!!! My son rides the rancher and it's a tough little bike. We do put our bikes through some **** though, so we can expect them to break.
Welcome Cosmo
welcome aboard
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