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New guy from Alabama

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Hello all!

I've been checking out the site for the past couple of weeks and have been impressed with the knowledge and helpful folks found here. I'm the owner of a new camo 2007 Foreman 500FM that I got a couple of weeks ago when my 1996 Foreman 400 was stolen from my hunting club property (that will ruin your day). Thank God I had insurance! I have a whopping 86 miles and 7.2 hours on the new bike so far. I use a 4-wheeler mainly for hunting, working at the hunting club, and some lite trail riding, so I'll mostly leave it stock.

I have been riding 3/4 wheelers for many years and have owned a few bikes in the past. Besides the 96 400 Foreman that was recently stolen I have owned a 1988 Foretrax 300 4x4 (great bike - sold it to a friend and it's still running), a 125 Honda 2WD, a 125 Suzuki 2WD (a 200cc was big back then), and a 225 Yamaha 3-wheeler. BUT, this 500 is the first NEW machine that I have ever owned so I'm excited.

I looked at several brands but went back to Honda because they have served me so well. I look forward to talking to you guys...I'm sure I'll learn a ton. I've already picked up a couple of good tips and installed a pod switch and adjusted my choke cable.

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Welcome RJR
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