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New Goodies

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I have had a good week this week, even better than Christmas. I got new tires and rims for the Foreman. 25" MudLite XL's, on ITP C-Series Type 5!(pics) Also got a new Swisher Plow and mount!(pics) My wife gave the OK on both purchases too.(That is a good thing too, because I'd have a hard time hiding/explaining the smile I'm wearing now...!)
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probably staying pretty busy with that snowplow this year! I want to get those exact wheels, i like those, are they light?
Robb, I am not sure, but I think they weigh about 8-9 lbs apiece. I did weigh them with the tires mounted before installing.

ITP C-Series Type 5 with 25" MudLite XL...
Front - 29lbs.
Rear - 34lbs.
Vs. Stock tires and rims,(835 miles on these tires)
Front -25lbs.
Rear - 29lbs.
(all weights mentioned were done by "me" on a "bathroom" scale.)
(all tires mentioned are, front - 25x8x12, rear 25x10x12)

I still haven't got to try them, and won't for a couple weeks. (first a hurt back, and now work!) If all I added was 18lbs., I don't think I should have any noticable power loss. I should be very happy.

As for snow,(I wish I had bought it about 50 days ago, 22"! ) I have a gravel drive and we haven't had enough to try it out yet.(1", need several for gravel) Even if I don't use the plow this year, I won't have to shovel next year!
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