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New Front Knuckle Install....Do I grease the bearings?

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Beyond what is inside this new knuckle/bearing assembly I just got from Honda, should a person add any additional grease before re-assembling and if so how much and what kind should I use?
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u can put a little bit of wheel bearing gearse on the bearing were it slides on the cv shaft. if u want but u dont have to. since there sealed bearings.
I appreciate the response, but it appears that the bearings are not sealed in the sense that I can see the ball bearings from each side when looking into the knuckle.
I've always thought a sealed bearing meant that you wouldn't see the round balls or the grease (which I can easily see). Am I interpreting that correctly?......what do you think?
I always put a little extra wheel bearing grease around the lips of the new seals and on the splines of the axle. just dont go crazy with it, if you put to much it will push the new seals out once everything is bolted up.
my favorite heros respond again!....thanks fellas! Your knowledge and input are greatly appreciated.

One last thing(to pay it forward)..have either one of you checked out WWW.NYROCATV.COM ?? this is a great site especially if you are looking for new people to ride with. Check out the "rides and trail talk" link. My buddy and I did the Moab, Utah ride this April and are going back for "Doing the ride 2007"located in Marysvale, Utah. We are both from Wisconsin/Minnesota area close to the Twin Cities.
I am a member there, just haven't keep up with it. Alot of good info there.
If you haven't put it back together I would fill the bearings with a good waterproof grease. The first time I redid my left front bearing, I took off the knuckle assembly and took it to a Honda dealer for replacement. They put in the same original equipment bearing that is not sealed. It lasted about a year and a half. The second time I did the bearing I replaced it myself with an aftermarket sealed bearing. They have the plastic covers at both sides covering the rollers. Hasn't been replaced since!!
What brand were the aftermarket bearings? I need to replace mine could use a source other than Honda sounds like a better product.
Moose and All Balls are the most common after market bearing kits.
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