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New from St. Williams, Ontario

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Great site. Just got an '02 450s. Love it so far. Needs some better tires, but that will come later. Stockers will do for now. Looks like 26" will fit just fine so I'm leaning towards mudlite XL's, mudbugs, or gators. Still haven't made my mind up on that yet.
What's everybody's machines top out at? I can barely hit 62 KM on mine. Oh well, I'm not a speed demon anyway.

Any other tips and tricks I should know? I like the water riding. This bike had less than 1000 kms on it and NEVER seen mud in it's life. I was surprised what she went through with the crappy tires. I really lucked out on the deal. Got a 5' blade, rear seat, and a bunch of other extras for a great price. A friend of mine is going through a rather nasty divorce and he had to , ahem, 'liquidate' his assets so to speak. His loss, my gain.
So , hello everyone, great site and I hope to contribute someday. I used to have the addy for a website that had a huge amount of OEM Honda service manuals downloaded into PDF form. Figures, I just get this machine and the site is no longer around...Oh well.
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Welcome to the site!
Welcome to the site!!!!!
Welcome SixStrings
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