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New Forum!!

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Thought I would start a place where people can introduce themselves. Feel free to introduce yourself here, where you're from, what you ride, etc. Old timers, if you get the urge you are more then welcome as well.

I will introduce myself while I am at it, im Robb, I live in Orlando, FL currently I ride my 2005 Honda Foreman S, but now, it looks as though I will be back on my 450 while the 500 gets fixed.
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Hello from Newfoundland.

I have a 2001 Rubicon with strange transmission sounds
I'm Patrick from Ireland and I have a 2001 foreman rubicon with the typical electrical and Hondmatic issues... All of them :/
Hello from New Messico.
I am Bill, forum name 4wheeldog (Been my name on various forums for 15 years, not in reference to ATVs)
My interests are dogs, (Have 4, 2 JRTs and 2 Wire Fox Terrorists.......All of which have had rides on the new to me ATV) motorcycles and travel. I used to fly SEL for fun, but not anymore. I also do all my own mechanical work on motorcycles, trucks, cars etc.

I am older, been retired for 12 years.

Just got my first ATV, a '05 TRX500FM, about 2 weeks ago. Bought it from another ex pilot friend, and it is in good shape, though with a fair number of miles (8300). I plan to get a plow for my 300' driveway, and use it otherwise when traveling in backcountry.

I spent some time in the last couple of weeks spiffing it up........All the normal maintenance items, plus high elevation jet and idle adjustment (I live at 7200'). It runs well and I found no surprises. I enjoy forums like this, for my knowledge and for the occasional chance to help someone else.
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Hi my names mike i live in cohocton ny. I drive a 2000 honda foreman 450 s.
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I thought I already was a member, but I guess I am not. My name is Sean and I just moved to Pittsburgh, PA from North East Ohio. I have a Camo 2008 Foreman 500 ES w/PS. I could ride all over in Ohio, but finding it more difficult to ride in PA. I've been riding since 2010 on the same machine. It's awesome!

Wanted to know if you were still in the area and still had your bikes?
Hello all, the name is Dan and I have traded a 2004 Yamaha YZ125 for my very first quad. It's a 2008 Rancher ES TRX420TE 2x4.
Newbie here, 2016 Honda Rubicon DCT. 29.5 outlaw 2's, CFAB fabrication radiator relocater kit, big gun exhaust with programmer, Boss stereo system, highlifter arched a arms, and sure I'm missing something
New Guy

Hello everyone, my name is Daniel Rogers and i am from Alexander Arkansas. My current ride is a 2014 Fourtrax Foreman Rubicon. It is currently stock.
Hello! I Live in Nashport, Ohio - In Licking County -Just outside of Newark, Ohio. I'm originally from Northeast Ohio - Warren.

I recently purchased a 2005 Rubicon. I like it so far - Haven't really hit the trails yet as the weather really hasn't cooperated. Can't wait for Wayne National Forest to open in April. Hitting Ride Royal Blue in June.

I've had several quads - Started on a Suzuki Eiger 400 then a King Quad 450. Then went to a Honda 400EX bored out to 426 with Hot Cams, Pro Circuit Exhaust, K&N Air Filter etc. It flew, but I'm about to turn 50 and sport quads beat me up too much. So I went back to a Utility Quad. Got a good deal on this Rubicon. It's in decent shape. The guy I bought it from took pretty good care of it. No real mods except a set of ITP mud lites.

So far I'm just getting the quad ready - Changed Engine/Transmission Oil and changed differential oil. I haven't crawled under in search of grease fittings yet. Would appreciate if anyone could tell me how many and where to find them! Any other helpful hints would be appreciated!
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From Saskatoon Sask, you can find nearly any terrain here depending on how far you want to travel.

Currently have a
2015 500 Rubicon deluxe , 27 inch mega mayhems, Tatou 4s winter
2003 450 foreman
mid 2000 TRX 90
Hey there...

New to the wheeler community. Used to ride ATC110 back in the day. Now looking to get a machine to predominately haul me around frozen prairie lakes.
New Member

:surprise: I am definitely a new member, this is my first Forum so all help is appreciated, thank you. I have a 2006 Honda 400 4x4 Rancher that the maintenance book was lost somewhere between buying it from a local to home. My question is where do I check for differential fluid? Thanks:|
Hello, my name is Josh. I am from Lucedale, MS. I like deep mudding and water riding. I updated my signature to describe my ride.
Does anyone know where I can get some used outlaws? Preferably 31x9.5
Hello all! My name is Todd. I’m from Buffalo NY. This is the first forum that I have ever joined. I’m still trying to navigate the website. I’m not sure how to narrow down most recents. I’m sure I’ll figure it out.
I have a 2007 rancher 400.
It shifts into 1st and runs fine. As soon as I put it in 2nd gear, the shift position on the display screen switches to “ESP” and blinks 5 times. Then it’s stuck in 2nd gear. There is no mechanical gear shift. All electronic from auto shift to manual requires moving a toggle on right handle bar. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I’ll just need to figure out how to locate this entry. Thanks!

Hello all..I have a 2003 foreman 450 es that I bought last year mainly to help around the property and snow removal. plow, warn winch...other than that stock. live in Southwest Virginia. been reading posts for since i need some maintenance done have not posted. Thanks in advance for any and all help!!!
I'm Lee, I live in Lac la biche, Alberta. Been riding hondas my whole life, currently have a 2015 rubicon. It's broken and I'm sad.
newbie from auburn al. 07 rubicon . new to atv. v30 and v65 magna owner
Hello. My name is Gary and I live in Michigan. I own a 2008 Honda Foremen 500 ES.
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