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Hello from Louisiana,
I am a retired 101st Airborne Veteran. My wife and I recently assumed notes and paid off a 2020 Honda 520 Rubicon our son had bought new and almost completely destroyed extreme mud riding. When we picked it up, without wheels, and got it home. it had 38.7 hrs. on it. After trouble shooting and almost complete dis-assembly, I found 2 bad cv axles, rear lower frame assembly torn out, from tying a chain to it to pull out with farm tractor, which also broke rear differential case. front differential completely totaled, airbox cover missing and box itself cracked.
After paying off the bank a total of $8471.00,his total financed was $13,781.00.after fifth of Southern Comfort and cooling down I contacted rocky mountain atv. and ordering all 4 all balls axles, complete front and rear final drives, complete air box, 4 new interco swamplite tires mounted on ITP wheels, a cargo box, warn winch, and a few bolts, clips etc. totaling $4949.00, and a few weeks wait, I began my reconstruction, of our new ATV, and saving dip shits credit.
I took it down to frame and engine/ wiring harness. Found that the dealership had done some less than acceptable installation on the winch, looked like my grand kids did it. and a good inspection and acid wash I began reconstruction of a virtually new ATV. I spent an additional $700 on LED lighting,new Harley Davidson accessory light switch, all fluids,and 3 oil filters.
Others may not have gone so far, I'm not sure if it's military or just plain OCD.... But a month later we were riding our ATV fitted out the way we wanted it. I tried painting the plastic but found it next to impossible, since these photos, I have replaced all the red plastic with new factory green pieces.
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