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Hello from New Messico.
I am Bill, forum name 4wheeldog (Been my name on various forums for 15 years, not in reference to ATVs)
My interests are dogs, (Have 4, 2 JRTs and 2 Wire Fox Terrorists.......All of which have had rides on the new to me ATV) motorcycles and travel. I used to fly SEL for fun, but not anymore. I also do all my own mechanical work on motorcycles, trucks, cars etc.

I am older, been retired for 12 years.

Just got my first ATV, a '05 TRX500FM, about 2 weeks ago. Bought it from another ex pilot friend, and it is in good shape, though with a fair number of miles (8300). I plan to get a plow for my 300' driveway, and use it otherwise when traveling in backcountry.

I spent some time in the last couple of weeks spiffing it up........All the normal maintenance items, plus high elevation jet and idle adjustment (I live at 7200'). It runs well and I found no surprises. I enjoy forums like this, for my knowledge and for the occasional chance to help someone else.
1 - 1 of 268 Posts