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New Forum!!

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Thought I would start a place where people can introduce themselves. Feel free to introduce yourself here, where you're from, what you ride, etc. Old timers, if you get the urge you are more then welcome as well.

I will introduce myself while I am at it, im Robb, I live in Orlando, FL currently I ride my 2005 Honda Foreman S, but now, it looks as though I will be back on my 450 while the 500 gets fixed.
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nice 1

hi im david im from b'ham england ive got a foreman 450s 01 i think anyway.i enjoy any dirt i can find.
nice 1

hi im david im from b'ham england ive got a foreman 450s 01 i think anyway.i enjoy any dirt i can find.
Hiya all nice to have you aboard.
Dan and I(Elaine) are in Orando(ucf area).
wassup im Tyler, from a small city in southeast Georgia known as Alma, i have a 99 450S w/ 2.5 warn winch 26" mudlites and 12" itp rims also a fmf spark arresstor pipe
My name is Ferdi. I come from a town called Port Elizabeth in South Africa. i work for a telco company in Nigeria. I have a 2005 Foreman (standard) and my two boys each have Suzuki's
Hey everyone, I`m Andrew I`m from Newfoundland,Canada and I ride a 2004 Rubicon,red of course.
Hey everybody I'm from Meridian, Ms. I am riding a 06' Foreman S with 14"Type 7 with 27" XTR's, 2500 warn, Oxlite gaurds. I love to ride with friends and family. I have a beautiful wife, beautiful daughter and a wonderful son.

Man what happened to the introducing of members. It just stopped. Maybe more will introduce as they find it.
Hello my name is Dan, my screen is Lumpy Rides,
am a Mechanic by trade. Ride a 2003 foreman red.
Ride in the desert, Mountains, mud, dust, snow,
and what ever else is in the way.
Re: nice 1

QUOTE ("hondarog":qp1zxm3q)
hi im david im from b'ham england ive got a foreman 450s 01 i think anyway.i enjoy any dirt i can find.
Hello honarog, what is the terrain like in your part of the world,
and is quad riding as big as it is in the states.
Wow..England.. How is it going.. Glad to see ya.. Do you have riding like we have here in the states? Sorry for the ignorance,..
Well I'm no American Idol, because I can't sing but I AM CANADIAN so if there happens to be a drink fest, I'm in, I live North of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, I have a beautiful wife (it's our 14 th anniversary on the 28th of May) great son of 16 and awesome daughter of 12, my wife just kinda got into atving this year taking part in a four wheelin for women event to raise money for breast cancer. I do alot of ice fishing in the winter, atving, yard work and driving the kids to sports for the summer and of course I truly enjoy supporting my local Brewers retail
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I think it's the 28th
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Hi, I'm from Ashland, KY. I own a 03 Foreman ES with a 1500lb warn winch, Perfex suspension kit, and Aluminum product bash plate. I ride Hatfield and McCoy every chance I get.
hello Im from katy,Tx have an 00 foreman with a homeade snorkel. wish us luck! o yea my name is Jake and I have not sobered up yet!
whats up all!! im Cory from Norfork, a little town in northern Arkansas. Ive bought a 05 Ruby and love it. Bout to go back to Colorado in Sept. excellent riding out west in the Rockies!!
hello I'm Steve from toronto Canada i"ve been riding 9 yrs now. i have a 00 450 es with some mods. just loving it. anybody want to go riding just message me
Hi, I'm from Fairbury, NE. I own a 2006 Foreman ES stock right now.
just wanted to say whats up. i live in fredericksburg, va. i ride a 2006 foreman 500s. anyone near by? drop me a line.
Hey Everyone, Just found this forum. Had my link going direct to the forum, changed that and found this new world. I'm Ron from CT. Have an 03' Rincon and a 04' Rubicon. I actually owned 2 TRX200 that I bought in 1985 and then sold in early 90's, I used to love those bikes. Anyway I went on vac to the Dominican a few years back and my son and I went on an ATV tour. We had so much fun I couldn't wait to get home to start buying. Great Forum, Thanks.
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