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I know a few people on here have Ranchers and Foremans, and there are a few Rancher only owners on here as well! Thank scooter350 for the idea.
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Thanks yall, i will let my buddy knowm, he rides a rancher, I am sure he will be glad to hear of this.
New Forum for 350s

Now I'm Happy Happy Happy....thanks ADMIN

Some ask me, Why a 350? surely you're 700 material...

Just ask any surveyor or seismic mechanic what they run in their fleet..... around here Honda 350's top the list usually. They have most of the features of larger ones with a minimal price tag and great fuel economy.

Here's my hotrod:
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The orange reflectors on the front rack must be a canadian only thing huh?
LOL yup

you gotta be canadian for this one.. it's a DOT law that Honda has to put them on to sell them , but it's illegal to drive them on the street...DUHHH

Quebec (in Canada) I believe has even stranger requirements like horns and brake lights on some models, still illegal on the street
I think i'd get a horn out of a Road Runner, if we had to use them down here. Or can it be one of those squeeze type bicycle horns.
Sweet guess my dad will be posting here
i want a horn
I am thinknig of putting the same train horn thats on my truck on my rubicon. ill find a link for it. i think its <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
train horns.. great, not that people cant hear anybody on this forum coming anyway with all these hmf sponsored bikes.Now i need to look into aftermarket alternators so i can power an air compressor.

great idea
i am hopeing to have it on by saturday but i dont think i will

i lost the key to my honda rancher and was wondering if anyone knew hot to hotwire one. would go to dealership to get new one except tommorrow is sunday and the only day Im off of work. want to go riding on my only day off
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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