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New Forman 500ES

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I am open to anyone's advise on my new forman. Here's what I've just ordered. Gorilla 2.5--30' winch/with mounting bracket, Dynojet kit--stage one, 2" lift kit "Stainless Steel", 27" Swamp Lite. I will be installing these when I fly in next week.

Off to a decent start? any advise for the items that I just bought. I dont have the extra cash for the pipe! so that's the only reason I bought the stage one kit and not the stage two.

Does anyone recomend a oil filter and oil--or should I use honda's brand? I was told that I should change the filter/oil after 20-30 miles?? then put the new one on "also new oil" run it----then finaly change it and add synethic oil? Was this good advise?

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i would say gorilla axle with that lift because the 2 in lift puts a sever angle on the front axle causing them to rub and then eventally brake
not necessarily...but it could be that way
Rincon 650 had that problem on his front Rincon shafts and i know its a Rincon but i would think it would be about the same...and plus if you do upgrade to Gorillas you darn near dont have to worry about brakeing them
Most on here are going to tell you that you wasted your money on the lift. For 27's you don't need it, and it's the back drive shaft that will give you problems not the front end with the lift. Other than that your doing great!
Yeah you're right about oil: Change oil/filter ~20-30 miles. Change again ~100mi. Run this oil/filter up to ~200mi. Change again and use any type of oil/filter you want.

Break in like you stole it. This is just how I do it, I can't provide any proof that this is the proper way but I've broke in my fair share of wheelers and I've never had engine problems.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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