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I just got a new 06 foreman, and was wondering what are the first things I need to do to protect the insides. For example those recoil gasket things, or blocking off any holes that water would get into. I am also looking at tires, Iam planning on going with 26" mudlites is that a good size overall. I don't want to lift it, so is 26" good?
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I would re-route the vent lines, there are 2 carb vents, fan vent, rear brake, front and rear diff vent. This will help keep them dry so that you don't get any water into them. also if you plan to ridein moderate water I would also plug the carb drain so that water doesn't come back up. About the tires, no opinion yet, i still havent' upgraded tires yet they are coming shortly. Hope that helps.
Do you have any details on re-routing them? Or do you just move the ends to a higher place a zip tie them or something?
Disconnect every electrical connector you can get to and fill it with di-electric grease.
26es will be fine I run 27" with no problem jest a little power loss
Buy more hose and connectors and run the lines up to the headlight pod.
The carb vents are easy enough they are the 2 hoses on the top of hte carb that don't attach to anything. The rear brake, rear dif and the fan all run together in the front of the frame just in front of the fan, you can follow the fan vent tube and it will lead you to all of them, just pull them out, they are plugged into the frame, they will come right out. the front diff is easy enough to follow up and just pull it out. You can get the tubing and the connectors at the local hardware store, i believe the brakes and diffs are 1/8" and the fan is a 3/16" fitting? You can either run them to a snorkel if you are going to install one or just run them up to the handle bars.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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