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New Foreman owner!

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I'll be picking up my new 2005 (holdover) Foreman from Southern Honda in Chattanooga this friday. I sold my Pooplaris this past fall and have been (gasp) quadless till now. This will be my second Honda, my son had a 2002 Recon until he lost it due to bad grades. Truth be told, this Foreman will probably be his and I may get a Rincon this fall...but don't tell him!! Decided on a Foreman in part due to some great posts on this site!

My name "TNCAT" comes from owning a 99 AC 500 until 2004 and being from Tennessee. I'm TNCAT on all the other ATV forums as well. I'm too lazy to come up with a new handle!
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Welcome to the site!!
Welcome to the site.
Welcome to the site!!
Welcome TNCAT
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