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New foreman owner

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Hi All,
I've been skulking the site for a bit. This site actually sold me on getting a Honda ATV. I ended up with a 1999 foreman ES 450. It seems in pretty good shape with 6500km/700hrs on it. (So 4000 miles in american) Cost me 2700$.

I plan on replacing all filters and fluids. I have to do the rear brakes as well as they are maxed out. The cable might be buggered too.

Boots are all intact so I'm not terribly concerned about those.

The guy I bought it from mentioned it had new bearings so I was going to wait until I have it apart for brakes to assess that.

Any other suggestions for what needs doing as initial maintenance?

Also, I'm tempted by the 2up trunks so I can pack a kid back there. Pros and cons on that? Any suggested options? I was looking at the kimpex nomad but I'll be damned if I can see a proper fitment guide online.

And of course I've added a photo. This is the first ATV I've owned so any suggestions and information are appreciated.

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