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New Foreman Owner from Edmonton, Alberta

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Hello Everyone,
Just joined the forum this morning. I bought a brand new 2006 TRX500ES 2 weeks ago for what I think was an excellent price. Sold the old Polaris Trail Boss. It only has 5 miles on it and I will finally be taking out tomorrow morning.

I just bought a full set of ITP Mud Lites and SS108 rims today and will hopefully have time to install tonight before we leave in the morning. I am stoked. And I got an awesome price on the whole bundle....

I have been working on my own winch mount design and have all the metal cut. All I need to do is do a mock up with bolts then I will have it all welded and painted next week.
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You will have to post some pics. You will love that machine Where you riding at anyways.
Yes, when I have some time tomorrow I will take the before and after shots of the new rims. I did not get the winch mount done yet and my buddy wants to take his dirt bike so I will take mine too and leave the new beast at home.

I ride north of Edmonton at a place called Victoria Trails. I also ride at a place just North of Vega about 1 hour and 45 minutes from Edmonton. I also go to Brazeau Dam area and of course the Rocky Mountain House area too. How about you?

Matter of fact I am heading to Rocky on the Labor Day Weekend to meet up with my brother who lives in Medicine Hat.
Welcome Putts255
I have uploaded a few pictures of the new wheels on the new quad in my Personal Gallery. Take a look, let me know what you think.

Actually I am sure there are countless others with the same tires and rims but hey I think it looks SPICEY!!!!
Welcome Putts255!

Very nice pix! How much was that tire and wheel pkg? 25 or 26 inch?
welcome the bike looks nise. you will like the new toy oh 05 is a beast and havent had no problems with it in 2 years.
Thanks for the welcome!

I got all four tires and rims for $747 CDN taxes in, which is about 10 cents more per dollar than the US dollar. So about $670 US$.

And they are 26" with 10" in front and 12" in the back

I think I got a great deal....

Welcome to!!!!!!!
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