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new duro tires

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they look like Big Horns with the v-tread pattern but thats where it stops. they look like have more bite then Bighorns.

they are a six ply radial tire. They are only listed in sizes 25-8R-12 and 25-10R-12.

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big horn EDL'S, very flat profile
those look cool as ****....i wouldn't mind having a much are they and where do you get them"?
i am not sure where you can get them.
just call around all the top atv part places, someones gotta stock them
I know is carrying the duro tires, im pretty sure they have that tread pattern but not 100% i know they have like 5 different tires of theirs
I like those...I like the flat profile.I've always wondered why ATV tires are "ballooned".
I dunno, I always assumed ATV's had "balloon" tires so you don't catch traction suddenly when sliding sideways or anything like that. Also, they may not be able to make a bias-ply tire flat like that, but that's just a guess.
they are good looking tires, definatly a flat tread. is it a radial?
QUOTE ("joecamel":3m88zvvt)
they are good looking tires, definatly a flat tread. is it a radial?
Cool looking tires, but I like the blinkers.
Are they any good in the mud,They dont look like they would clean out very well.
Sweet find!

Hope they start making them in bigger sizes soon, I will be tire shopping by end of year.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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