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new dgl and clutch kit installed

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finished up today, with both the clutch kit and locker, the bike feels like it will be pretty impressive, but that's riding around the shop on concrete, goin try it out sunday , i need someone to give me input, if i will possibly need to go to gorilla axle's, or who all has broken oem axles with the dgl?
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As long as you take it easy on the trottle you should be fine, let the bike do the work and you will be amazed with what it will do with just the locker in it. It's taken me about 6-8 factory axles to learn to stay off the throttle.
I have the DGL, am not aggressive with the throttle in mudholes, but I have bust both a left and right CV joint (outers) when I was crawling out of a hole with the steering turned all the way one direction. I am installing Gorillas. I should have gone that route after the first axle and I would have been $200 further ahead. Not saying you will bust yours but if you do don't wait 'till the second axle to change to Gorilla's.
Grtwht, you broke that many axles , and no lift ?? Hummm, i have a 2" inch,was going to install, but i'm not too fussy about all the little "anti" pivot brackets, just looks kinda "quick fix" looking, also running 26" i have good clearance , i' may come up with my own lift, and only go 1" 1.5" just for the reason of the possibilty of breaking an axle (joint) , you guys breaking the axle itself or the joint? Also that DGL , definately Rocks, i just recently installed the unit, and try'd it out last night (FRI), in this massive wet bogg, which a month ago i did get stuck into it , acually my same tracks are still there!!! , Yup you guessed it ,..... just walked right through it... i'm lov'n it the only other bike i've seen run through this area of mash/bogg is the grizzly, say no more...
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there's a couple boys i know with 06 foremans that broke alot of axles, they would break one everytime they rode,or so it would seem. they was running 29.5 lawz and wanted to stay with them but loose the lift cause it was puttuing everything in a bind, so they (some how) came up with a sub fram body lift kinda deal can run there lawz and their quads are HUGE ground clearnce didn't change but everything as far as axles are at the factory angle...............but they still break em'
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