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New Costco ramps

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Anyone checked out the 3 way folding ramps 4 sale at costco,I pulled them down from the display (got in trouble from an employee,told him to get bent! )how else are you suppose to check them out! Me and this other guy looked at them for 15 min. they fold up nice but dont fold out flat,good for 700lbs each with locking chains for $55.canadian each ,I think I'll get a pair and try them out .
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ya i'de like to here about those.
I got some, they are made by Laren. They work real well, only gripe is they are heavy compared to aluminum ones! Mine came from Tractor Supply I believe.
I got them but havent tried them out yet, they look ok ,hope to get out this weekend and will post some pic's with a review
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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