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New Canadian Member

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Just heard about this site. I ride a 2006 500 FM. I owned a TRX 250(1986) till last month. Had owned it for 11 years and just rode it around the farm. Got the new machine and started getting out more. My wife and sons discovered they love to ride so now we also have a 2003 TRX 450 manual and a 2005 350 Rancher manual. We live in Manitoba about ten miles from the U.S. border.
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Welcome to the forum. Enjoy your stay.
welcome from jersey!!!!
Welcome from SW Ontario!
Welcome from northern illinois
Welcome to the forum from Georgia
Wow, lots of Canucks on here. Welcome!
Thats a 5 year late welcome
Jets Suck!!!! Haha just kidding! Welcome to the site!
Thats a 5 year late welcome

i brought this up to see how many of you pay attention. good job chrisb.

the forum was dead yesterday so i got bored. lmao
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