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New Canadian guy eh

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I thought I'd stop in a take a look around at what looks like a great site.

I live about an hr east of Toronto(there is some good riding in the area)
I'm 44 married, with a 14 yr old son
I ride a 04 350 Fourtrax fm that I love
I drive forklift in a local cereal factory(not a bad job, decent pay)

Looking forward to meeting everybody Dan
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How's it goin eh! Welcome I just recently joined myself, good talks and good people, lets have fun and learn how to wreck and fix ****
Welcome middlewick
Welcome eh pass me a beer!
QUOTE ("big_daddy_bigfoot":1872oavv)
Welcome eh pass me a beer!
Now that I think about it I'm in a SOCO mood!
Thanks for the welcome all. It took a couple seconds but I think soco is southern comfort.
We use that as shooters after each beer . lol
Welcome, just as Quadfather said, there is alot of Good people on this site that know almost everything about Foreman's Rancher's and others.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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