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New Bugs

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I didn't think I would like these things very much.................I was wrong. I really thought the Claws were the bomb, and don't get me wrong, they worked great for me and I really liked them; I think I like these 28" Bugs better. They seem to get on top of the snow very well, they float awesome; better than the Claws. I went right through everything in two wheel drive today where I had to winch myself through with my stockers; no exaggeration. Very surprising............I love these things so far. If they perform half as well in the mud as they do in the snow I will be buying another set when I wear these out..........I'm sitting here with a grin on my face; I love 'em
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That's good to hear,Glad you like them.I'm looking for something better than my executioners for the snow.They're great in the mud but they dig in the deep snow then I'm hung up.Looks like I'll be buying a set of Bugs for next winter! Let's see,that'll be 3 sets of tires and rims!
wheres the pics??
I have the 26'' bugs on my new bf650i and love them, also have 27'' Gators on my 450s,love them too. But this is what happens when you get off the beatten path with Bugs.
and another

what size are the tires on the front?

i just bought some bugs from a guy on here for $200 all four tires are the same size...just hope i don't have an issue with steering
Front are 26x10x12
Back are 26x12x12
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