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new brakes

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I am wondering if i should replace my stock brakes for disc brakes. We do not go riding much but but it seems like the brakes on my 2004 foreman are never working. I am also wondering how difficult they are to install and if it is worth the money and time. thoughts, comments?
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The Disc brakes are better than the factory drum brakes .There are 2 different types of kits you can buy .I purchased the Highlifter kit myself and installed them in a couple of hours.You should be able to do this providing you have the tools and the instructions will guide you right through the entire process.I have heard of a differnt kit that everyone seems to like a little better than HL but I don't what the name of it is.Dirtyforeman can tell you.........
Xtreme it the other kit. Both are great kits and work well, it just depends on the type of riding you do as to what kit would be better for u. Do a search here on brake kits, there are a few post with pro's and con's on each kit.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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