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new brakes

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just got back from charlotte nc.mannaged to get my break conversion kit from it through the honda dealer in investment ever,got filters and plug as well.well spent though.any tips on fitting before i attempt it guys?shouldnt be too hard i hope.
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the directions for the HL brake kit are easy to understand, you shouldn't not have any problems installing it. Just take you time and do not overtighten the new will studs, it will wrap the rotors. the hardest thing of the whole job will be bleeding the brakes.
It is simple...Best advice I can give is to use a press to put the new wheel studs in....
I use the one man brake bleeder method of a cup and a hand vacum pump and actually suck the fluid and air out. It works good too. Expecialy on hydrulic clutchs slave and master.
thanks guys thats all the help that i need.ill let u know how i get on over the weekend.if it stops raining,if it doesnt im moving to carolina,thanks again
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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