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New Alaska member

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Ahhhh, i finally found a site dedicated to my favorite machine! My wife and I both own Honda's, mines an '04 Foreman and her's is a little yeller Rancher! My friends call me Hunter and i won't tell you what my wife calls me!
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Welcome Hunter
welcome to the site......hope you enjoy it
Welcome, yeah I just fumbled onto this sight one day and have been hooked ever since, a lot of good people on here.
Welcome. We look forward to seeing pics of your riding area. Must be beautiful up there.
Thanks everyone, i'm usually so busy riding and admiring the country i forget to take pictures! I'll try to find some and get them posted.
Welcome! I did a search under MSN or Google and fumbled upon this site. Have been on it ever since.
ALASKA?? Wow, it's getting cold in here!!!
Glad you joined us!!
and dark right?

i cant wait till i go to Alaska, sounds like an awsome place to the SUMMER!

i want to fly fish for Salmon

glad to have you on board
Dark? Not yet, we still get over 12 hours of daylight but it is getting a little colder at night. As for fly fishing, come on up, I'd be gald to take you down to the Kenai River and show you how to catch some reds on a fly rod, it's a lot of fun and they are great eating! Best time would be to come up near the end of July, that's when the second run of reds should be peaking plus you might see a bear of 4 !!!
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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