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New little up dates for the foreman
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Towing options
looks good! I did the light thing to mine last weekend, works great. huge diff at night with the center light off, no glare from the rack . I like the hitch idea too, did you makethat or buy it? the hitch hauler wont be to much weight for it though will it? To bad you cant make a lift for that so its not so close to the ground so your "stuff" stays drier. geat idea though
The hitch is home made. And so far the hitch hauler is just for carring dirty stuff around, like live traps, dog box, fishing stuff. I would need to raise it if I was on anything but grass. I am thinking it needs to be higher and have a mud shield on the front of the carrier. And yes it loaded with anything more than a few pounds would cause the machine to "jack up" because of the cantilever action. So a little rope from the frame to the hitch stops it from topping out until I am on it then no problem.

Thanks for the compliment and I love being able to shut the light off when not needed at night.
can you tell us how you did the light mod?
take the front light assembly apart and take the pos (+) wire (found with a test light) going into the light, cut it and re direct it thru a swich of your choice. reassemble. Sorry I dont remember what colors the wires are in there, or I would give you the exact wire to splice.
from what i remeber reading from other people is that its the green wire you splice
I put light swithches on both of my Foreman's and they make a huge difference. It is the green wire you splice. If you don't want to mess with finding a switch and rubber boot, you can buy the kit with instructions from: <a href="" target="_blank"></a> . The kit is $12.30. You can buy the parts cheaper probably, but is it worth the trouble to find them?
does this mod affect the screen light too?
No all you are doing is stopping the power right before it gets to the light
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