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I'm new to the board... have gotten a lot of good information from this story:
Got back from Iraq with a few extra dollars. Went out in search of a good used ATV had to be a honda 4x4. Found one Near DC went and bought it. Got a decent deal. It ran but smoked like a train. Put in a wiseco 0.5mm piston adjusted the valves. the previous owner had installed a K&n but did not re-jet. Put in a 135 and set the air screw at 2.5 out. Runs like a champ. picked up a set of new stock tires and rims from a buddy who oversized. Bike is mostly stock. Have noticed a small rattle in the front of the engine. Probably the cam chain tensioner. Swamped it my first day out. have since re-routed the oil breather line. Running good now. looking forward to going back to Eastern NC to go riding this weekend.

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