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new 30'' mudzillas 14'' rims :mrgreen:

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can't find a price but i bet not very cheap but taller than an outlaw with deeper lugs too.
we' ll heres the tire specs

Tire Size AT30X11-14
Ply 6
S.W. (in.) 27.94
O.D. (in.) 30.0
Tread Depth (in.) 1.5
Weight (lbs.) 44.0

Tire Size AT30X9-14

Ply 6
S.W. (in.) 9.0
O.D. (in.) 0.0
Tread Depth (in.) 1.5
Weight (lbs.) 38.0
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gotta wait til april or later for a price
yah'll think a stock honda foreman 450 can turn them? hahahaha
them are going to be some big tires, i just want to see how many people are going to stay true to the outlaws. i wonder what highlifter is going to do now to be back on top 32"? mud nats are comming up, you never know they might have a suprize for us.
I dont care what size zilla's the come out with I will stay true to HL Outlaw.
The Outlaw is a better mudder anyway. I used to ride with a guy that had zilla's, and they are [email protected]#!, but there were places I could go and he couldn't. And that was before the DGL.
not that bad of a price for some big A$$ tires

30x9-14 Front 6 T682500 $113.59
30x11-14 Rear 6 T682501 $117.96
<a href="" target="_blank"> ... dzilla.htm</a>
if only i didnt have the 28s just might have to sell them when the 30s are out
Oh yeah, gotta hurry up and wear out my XTR's
try the Mud [email protected]&#Hes they are great, i just put them on my foreman 500. they do great in mud and water, the ride wasnt as bad through the trail as i thought. went from mudlite xrts to these, there is a night and day difference.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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