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new 2 forum, need performance help on foreman 500 s

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Hello all!

I've been reading some posts and I noticed that the foreman 500 S doesn't have many exhaust options. I noticed that a lot of people are running the HMF pipe. But my understanding is that it tkes a week for them to make it.

Does anyone make a slip on muffler for the foreman 500 S that is off the shelf? Does the rubicon muffler fit too (02 - 04?)?

What about a jet kit - is it worth installing? Any help on performance for these machines would be apprciated!


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THE HMF pipe is a shelf unit normally. just in such high demand the factory is on about a three week backorder right now.
02-04 HMF pipes are different than the 07's. In fact the 05 and 06's are different too. Not sure if the 06 and 07's are the same. Do a search on this topic, a lot of info.
my hmf pipe says its for a rubicon and is totally different from my buddies 04 forman, the way it 'rounds the shock... i would definatley do the jet kit, i know u would hate to burn that brand new atv up because it was toooo lean... i did both at the same time so i dunno the difference between 1 or the other. i didnt do the air filter untill later and that made a bigger difference!! just like flowmasters motto..."GOTTA LOVE THAT SOUND" and of corse spin the **** out of all 4 tires well at least 3
The foreman 05+ HMF pipes are interchangable with the Rubicon, they are off the shelf pipes.
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