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new 14" ITP wheels and 27" Swamp Lights for sale

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I have a brand new set of 14" ITP SS 112 wheels with 27" Swamp Lights and I would like to sell them. They have about 180 miles on them. I just put highlifter lift and springs and I am getting bigger tires. If anyone is interested I am asking $600. I work at Loewer Powersports in Alexandria, LA. This set, brand new, runs about $750.
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are these them? will they fit a stock foreman???

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Yea those are them and yes they will fit a stock foreman. My buddy has a set of EDLs on his stock foreman and they are 28".
Here they are
Want to trade for some 29.5 swamplites?
i already ordered my outlaws
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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