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New 06 Foreman ES Help

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I just purchased a new 06 ES 4x4 yesterday and I was riding it around my yard and when I went to stop to downshift to 1st or neutral it would go dead. 2 miles total on the bike. Does this sound like the carb new and not broke in? I also let the motor warm up with the choke all the way out and it would do the same thing, even with the choke in. Any and all help is greatly appreciated!
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How long did you let it warm up? When mine was stock it would take about 10 minutes of riding until it was warmed up good and would idle without shutting off, now that I have the pipe jetkit k&n & snorkel it cranks easier and will idle cold.
Mine stalled a couple times when it was brand new...I think because when they're new the tolerances are tight,it takes a 100 miles or so to loosen up.For now,try turning your idle up a bit.
Yooperforeman is correct! Mine did the same thing. There is an idle adjustment knob on the carburetor. Idle it up enough to keep it running. After you have 20 miles or so on it you will notice it is idles too high, this is when you can idle it down. Good Luck!
I'm going to try idling it up tonight to see if it will help. Thanks for all the replies!
I cranked the idle up on mine and it must have been too fast because the esp wouldn't let it shift, so i turned it back down and it worked ok again. It's just something you have to live with for the 1st 100 km or so. Once it breaks in somewhat it will run just fine.
I idled mine up a little last night and it cured the are these foremans fast! Thanks for all the help!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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