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Neutral start bypass

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Is there a way to bypass the neutral start switch. I have heard there is away to start the bike in any gear. How do I do this?
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A neutral switch is actually simple, it either breaks a lead or connects one, if the switch is external you only need to see which it is and you either connect the wires together or insulate them off so they dont touch ground. On newer machines I've been told they are internal on the trans, in which case I wouldn't suggest this method.

Now in my opinion it is not a good thing to bypass that switch, it can be dangerous, especially if someone that is not familiar with your quad gets on it and accidentally starts it. I would not suggest doing this. On another note, my 04' Rubicon has an overide switch in the front brake lever that allows me to start it in gear, you should check if yours may have the same, my 03' Rincon also has this.
The situation is I'm working on a friends 00 350FM and the neutral switch will not work. He can not get it to start in neutral. Right now money is a little tight so we where trying to bypass the switch untill we can tear into it.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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