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Neutral Light/Starting Problems

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Problem is that i was running though some weeds/sticks and i noticed that my gears were not matcing up on my electronic readout. I couldnt get it to show that it was in neutral. Even though it was. When I shut it off that time, it would not start again. It changes gears, however it displays only a straight line. The green neutral light will not come on and therefore it will not crank. I got it to crank by pulling on the manual cord but it will not start. The neutral light will not light up. I cant even get it to start up by pulling the cord on it. It is in neutral. Any Suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks Alot.
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Check to make sure the wire is plugged onto the nuetral switch. If the nuetral lite doesn't come on, the machine won't start w/ the electric start.
where could i find the neutral switch location on the 400 foreman
The neutral/reverse switch is inside the alternator cover (at the rear of the engine) .. To test it look under the right rear fender next to the alternator coupler you will see a small 2 pin coupler ..The wire colors are 1 gray(reverse) wire and 1 light green(neutral) wire .. With an ohm meter test the light green (neutral) wire ,with bike in neutral there should be continunity to ground ..Make sure you are testing on the switch side of the coupler ..
I have a Honda fourtrck and the neutral light comes on and that's it help
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