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need words of wisdom with tires

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i need some words of wisdom!
i am in the market for new tires. I am looking at the 26'' ITP 589's or mud lite XTR's as well as the mud lites. I ride trail and mud but nothing really too extream. no rocks or hill clims in my neck or the woods!
will a stock foreman 500 have any problems turning these tires? I really like the 589's but what are the draw backs to this tire? do they preform well.
thanks for the input!
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you will turn them fine. i used to have the itp 589's, they were a great reliable tire. the only thing i didnt like about them is that they didnt do too great on hills that had slick rocks or tree roots on them. all in all they are a good all purpose tire.
I like my 26" MudLites, everything else stock on my bike. Turns them no problem. If I would do it again, i'd look at 589's or just get MudLites again since i'm pretty satisfied with them. They do well in the terrain I have around here, lot of trails but good amounts of water and mud, creeks. No hills or rocks or anything though.
I have a set of 25 inch 589s and I turn them with no problems whatsoever. They are absolutely awesome in mud clay and sand and clean themselves off very well. Also they ride extremely smooth on hardpack and pavement, have excellent tread wear and also ride very very smooth on the trails.....great tire overall!
I've got 26" Mud Lites (10" front, 12" rear) and love them. Your foreman will turn them no problem. I recommend going with at least 26". You can see how they look in my personal gallery.
Forget all of those tires and get yourself some outlaw msts.
Mudlites are great if you don't see much mud. They trail ride really well and will get you through easy mud holes.

589's weigh a ton and have no side lug as well as a rougher ride. They do really well in the mud however.

Xtr's well I never really liked them, without much explanation. I just believer they are any better than a mud lite other than being a radial tire. They will cost you a bit more as well.

Now mst's...Good trail manners (equal to my old mud lites) and do better than all listed above in the mud with exception of maybe being tied with 589s. They are a little expensive, but they wear like iron and are the best all around tire I have found. I would say I love them, but I'm a mud hound and want something a little more aggressive.
The Mudlite XL get packed full of mud easily
I would strongly disagree with the statement above made by Country Boy! I have mud lites and they do great. They self clean really well. Plus they are great on rocks and hard pack too, plus they are the lightest tire really on the market (6 ply& name brand). I had some know it all from Mississippi tell me no they are just he lightest mud tire, they are not as lite as my bighorns. Nothing like pulling out your PDA on top of a mountain and proving him wrong. FYI: Mississippi is like 50th out of 50 in everything!
I have had my mudlites packed full of thick mud many times.
I had 26" 589's when i bought my last rubicon brand new in 04 . i later traded them in on 26" mudlites . not a good idea. 589's are definitely better in the mud and yes my mudlites caked up with mud easily. the 589's will cake up 2 but not as easily and has better self cleaning capabilities . the 589's aren't heavy enough to make a harmful effect on your fourwheeler either in my opinion. i see the most harmfull tire being a larger sized super swamper vampire. they r the heaviest and the mudzilla is running close behind.
pretty much every tire will cake up in thick sloppy crap except a select few like outlaws, edl's, vampires, etc. your average mud tire like 589, mudlite/xtr, dirt devil, even my mud bugs, gators, the exucutioners are iffy i havn't owned a set; will definetely cake up in due time. so go big!!!!!!!!!!!!
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