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Need some performance advice

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I just installed my perfex kit and hl's lift springs and will have my bi/tri claws later this week, and wondering how well me 450 will push these stock. I looking into getting a HMF pipe, but have a problem. I ride at couple of natinal forests and need a spark arrested muffler with a baffle. I also do not want a super loud muffler like the utility series, but i know the quiet core can be purchased. When at home and riding local places i will take the quiet core out. I think the rangers at the forest use a broomstick to check if there is a baffle in the muffler, but i think with teh quiet core and screen type spark arrestor they would not be able to, correct? I also plan on getting triangle atv snorkit kit, a uni filter, and havent decided on with what jets to get factory or dynojet, i have been told to get a factory 135 or 138 main with snorkel, muffler, and filter. I need to know if i can run this at national forests with no problems? I ride at Uwharrie if that helps anyone aroud me who may have a similar setup.
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So far it sounds as if you will be fine. If you don't want to get the HMF,
try the Supertrapp like Jennifer has. It gives noticable power gains with
out all the noise. It sounds good too. Kinda like a low grumble.
listen to him i have the supertrap ids2 and it is pretty nice, see i hunt so i needed something quiet almost stock. Now the ids alows you to adjust the pipe for max performance which really isnt that loud compared to stock, and if you want to make it scream you take off the a justment disks and that thing easly will hit 103db and trully get max power.
Are you sayin' that the more disks you take out, the louder it gets? I
thought the more disks you add, the more power & louder it gets. That
is what the manuel says i think. Let me know. Jennifer wants hers louder.
It sounds great the way it is. I put 12 disk in it & was thinkin' about addin'
some more.
I put an FMF on mine. It has a removable core that comes stock. I rode mine in the forest(National) and had no problems and I was running without the quietcore, I just had the spark screen on.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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