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Need some help with a clutch kit...

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So i spent a couple of weeks reading everyones review of the high lifter outlaw clutch kit and decided to get one and give a try. Well got to the part in Truegrit's write up where it says "use the 27mm socket and impact to remove the nut on the crank." Well a little problem, i dont have a impact. Can i get around this any other way? Thanks!
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The centrif clutch doesn't have to be pulled out to install the kit. it is just easier to install the springs when the clutch is sitting on a table. Just remove the e-clips and plate on the clutch and install the springs with the assem still in the bike. It will be alittle harder to install them, but can be done.
i did mine a month or two ago and did it the way dirty4man said to do better be a big boi cuz them springs are some basterds...also dirty didnt tell you but if u need a little extra room to get the springs on you can slide the weights out a little bit till u get the spring hooked on then push it back in...dirty can probably explain it a little better
So just take the cover off and replace the spings than? No impact is needed?
you take the big cover off then there are 3 rings held onto the front of the clutch by 6 e-clips...make sure that you dont drop an e-clip into the motor and once you pull the rings off just stack them how they were so u dont put them on wrong,,,just take all 3 off at one time then put on level surface and then go to work on the springs,,,i personally went out and bought some picks and they were absuletly worthless to me...u can use needle nose plyers to get them on and off...if u have a pair of those locking plyers in a needle nose style you might try using those so you dont have to hold the thing while ur trying to pull on it...i had a pair and didnt think to use it till i was done with it all
correct can be done without a impact. The best way I find to do it to turn the fuel off and crank the engine to run the carb out of fuel. get someone to help you stand it up on the rear rack. This way everything will be eye level when doing the install. Just remove the inter fender and engine clutch cover, stuff some rags around the inside of the engine to eliminate dropping something inside it. Remove the e-clips and plate on the Centrif clutch, remove factory springs and install the new ones. It is tight working quarters, so take you time and you shouldn't have any problems.
You guys know your S%&T

Thanks guys. Worked like a charm! I would have to say the longest part of the whole process.....Scraping off the old seal! Other than everything went very well.
Got another question.

Seems weird but, since I put on the clutch kit the shifter seems to have lost, for lack of a better word, its snap. Shifting gears is extremely easy. I just helped my buddy put in his clutch kit and the tension on his doesn’t seem to have changed at all. Anyone ever had anything like this happen or is this normal?
Maaaannnnn! You guys are getting me anxious to get one for myself. What did you pay for yours?
i think mine took up some slack in the foot shifter, it seems that i dont have to pull as much to get it from gear to gear
Yup that’s exactly what I am seeing.
I agree on the gasket cleaning it took me a wile also i hated it.
If you did drop one of those things in the motor.....How bad would that be to get out??? Just wondering cuz it sounds like sumthin I would end up doin
Buy a magnet and tape it to a stick. theres your solution.

Or go to Autozone and buy one of course.
yea I did it and i used one of those magnetic pickup tools like unstuckable is talking about it took me a little wile to find it but I did and the weight of the world was off my shoulders LOL.
Oh ok....I got one of those magnets but I just wondered how far down in there it would fall
do yalls selves a favor and just go ahead and stick some rags around the clutch thingy so when u pop one off it wont drop to the bottom of the motor, i had no problem dropping them in my motor but then again i didnt put my bike on the rear rack either
Does anyone know where to get a clutch kit for an 07 or will Highlifter's 06 fit?
you could probably call them or send them an email and they could tell you, i dont think anything in the clutch changed but you might double check with others
Figured out what the problem was......

Looks as though I over looked the correct installation of the triangle piece when putting the crank case cover back on. It didn’t go into the motor thankfully and was waiting for me when I pulled the cover back off. It won’t fit back in place and looks as though it might be bent up really good. So here is my question. Anyone know what exactly this thing is called so I can order another?
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