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Need some help finding parts.

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I really don't want to spend the 500 bucks on replacing my rear brakes and assembly. Here is the story...

Sometime ago, my rear brakes seized and it basically was stuck where it was. It would not go anywhere. I got tired of trying to free them up, so I put it in low and hammered her home. It was drove for a while with just front brakes and now even those aren't working worth a hoot. Front needs new pads and it should be good. The rear is where the big problem is. It shattered the brake pads into about 20 pieces. the drum itself is in multiple pieces, the outer cover is probabbly salvagable but the back plate is also trashed. I priced the parts out and the drum itself and the back plate runs about 230 each.

If somebody know where I can get some salvaged parts or something, that would be great. Or if somebody would actually have some they are willing to sell.

I drive an 01 Rubi..
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Thanks for that link, but they don't have any of what I am looking for right now.

Nobody else has any idea?
That was the ticket toodeep, I have a response back and I can get my 500 dollar new parts for a greatly discoutned rate from an 05 machine.

Thanks for the help!!
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