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need serious help, honda mech. please

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i have been having a problem that when i ride for a few minutes my foreman starts to sputter. and i had a little fuel in the airbox. well i got some advise from some guys in another post. so i checked everything and it all looks fine.

NOW, i can ride on a level surface about 10 ft and it sputters like its gonna die and then it starts going again. I stopped and checked the little red thing on the bottom of the airbox and it was FULL of fuel. i cleaned it out and started her up and let it sit there sat there for a few minutes so i can hose off some dust and then it died and there was fuel in the airbox again. I am really frustrated with this. can someone please help me.

btw my winch won't do anything, i checked all wiring and it seems fine.
AHHHHHHHH anyone wanna buy this thing???
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Is your carb drain plugged? If so unplug it and see if that helps?
take the carb apart and look it over, see if you find anything then put it back together.
I think the question is how is the gas getting into the air box? Could the float be stuck or something like that?

not sure how. my drain plug wasn't plugge for a while, just had the little check valve thing on it. i plugged it today with a screw and it is the same.

i started it and drove 5 ft onton my trailer and the little red thing at the bottom of my airbox is full of gas. i haven't had any trouble until now.

i let it idle for a while and then gave it some gas and a little gray smoke came out the exhaust. i hope nothing major is wrong. i don't feel like going in debt fixing this thing......
It starts and runs it's not as bad as you think. It's something simple you just are over looking it.

that is why i am so pissed right now.

it does that whether the drain is plugged or not, i pulled the spark plug and it was good. where could the gas be coming from? through the air filter??

i tried to take the carb apart to check it out and two of the screws are almost stripped and i can't get them out. thats the thing that really bugs me, you think you know what's wrong and then something else goes wrong. myabe my bike is possessed.

anyway, any further help would be gladly accepted.
You know, big_doody (LOL) made a great point. I think it might be something to do with your float or the needle/seat. It might be stuck open. Float is in fixed position so this cannot be adjusted, but there might be something in the bowl that is not allowing the float to work properly. If the float is working then check the needle/seat.

Good luck

and I'm just kidding big_daddy..................
I know I'm no mechanic but it seems kinda simple to see that it's just getting too much gas.
First thing I'd do is take the float bowl off and check the inlet needle & float ..

You have to use a really good screwdriver to remove the float bowl screws because you only get one good crack at them before they strip ..
i'm not

okay i'm not a mechanic, the float bowl is in the carb?

what if the screws are stripped? am i screwed? no pun intended...

the amount of the gas coming out the bottom of the box is alarming, so i know something is not right at all,,
The float bowl is on the bottom of the carb. Which is what you stripped the screws on.. You will have to start the 2 stripped screws with either a small pair of vice-grips (needlenose or regular) ,small center punch or cold chisel ,or cut a small slot with a hacksaw to use a straight screwdriver..

The float will have to be checked to see if it moves freely and is in good shape and that there is no dirt or anything under the inlet needle and that the inlet needle is good and the seat is good ..
This might help w/ the stripped screws.

First get a "PROFESSIONAL" grade of screwdriver from Craftsman.

Secondly get a small can of valve lapping compound and dip the screwdriver tip into the compound. It will help the screwdriver bite into the screws.

Replace those screws w/ new one when you get them out.

Good Luck
thnx guys

thanks everyone, once i try that out i will repost to let you know... i sure hope that it is something to do with that float. everyone else is riding around and having fun and i can't go
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